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Adrienne Pisoni, LMSW

Psychotherapy Practice

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. I provide psychotherapy to adults and couples and have an office in downtown Ann Arbor.

I help people explore and achieve goals in their personal and professional life. I specialize in life transitions and enjoy working with people when they are facing major decisions and changes in their lives. Whether you’re choosing a career path, or facing a crossroads in a relationship, I can help you define who you want to be and set you on a path toward achieving your goals.

Some areas of my interest and expertise include:

  • Relationship Concerns (both in individual and couples therapy)
  • Performance Anxiety (public speaking, creative arts, leadership, etc.)
  • Career Concerns
  • Identity Development

You can reach me by phone at: (734) 707-8720 or via email at: [email protected]